How Kapil Sharma's debut appearance on Koffee With Karan was a complete waste

Kapil Sharma ruined his debut appearance on Koffee With Karan show, Here's why

Kapil Sharma is admired by his fans across the world. His weekly comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show continues to top the TRP charts. Several B-town celebs make a regular appearance on his show and can be seen laughing their hearts off.

So, when someone like Kapil Sharma is invited as a guest on Koffee With Karan, you expect it would be a laugh riot. Going by the teasers, it was expected that Kapil would entertain us with his one-liners while facing questions from Johar. Sadly, the 37-minute-long episode was nothing less than a torture. All Kapil did during the show was to confess his undying love for Deepika Padukone ( at least 5-7 times), or evade questions related to his personal life, and issued a half-hearted diplomatic statement when asked on political issues.

Conversations on relationships are a major and perhaps the only newsworthy segment on any KWK episode. Over the years, there have been controversies and gossips coming out from the interactions Johar had with several B-town celebs. This Sunday was no different as Johar tried to extract some unheard stories from Kapil’s personal life. Well it is not a compulsion that a celebrity should reveal facets of his/her love life. But the manner in which Kapil deflected this question is a total put-off.

“I usually stay awake at 4-5 am. When I switch on the TV at that time, all I can do is watch spiritual and religious shows. It is a way of staying away from such distractions,” Kapil quipped. What a misfire Kapil.

There is a difference between comedians in India and their counterparts abroad. Kapil was asked about his opinion on issues facing the country. And we know how the Kis Kisko Pyaar Karun found himself in trouble when his angry tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi resulted in a major controversy. What do you do in such circumstances? We say, issue a diplomatic answer only if have the skills to do so. And here’s how Kapil failed to do so.

The country is doing well. The government has introduced policies and I hope it will benefit the country. As a common man I am happy when our country is on a right path. When I go to Amritsar, I find that some new flyovers have been constructed. Although the traffic situation is same as it was a decade ago.”

Not done! Kapil Sharma. The nation wants to know why did you issue such a statement as bland as like this? Tact and diplomacy is a skill which many don’t have. We have seen how Kapil takes jibes at various issues on his show in a funny way. He continued doing so even after being dragged in court cases as well. Then what stopped him from speaking his heart out?

At least, you could have done it to salvage the show which was worn out due to your cliche jokes.

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