Here's Dharmendra's Refreshing (And Non-Sexist) Response To Hema Malini's Broom-Wielding Skills

A video of Hema Malini, that saw her trying to sweep the Parliament premises along with Anurag Thakur, went viral over the weekend.

A video of Hema Malini, that saw her trying to sweep the Parliament premises, went viral over the weekend.

The veteran actor-turned-politician, who was the face of a very entertaining election campaign recently, seemed to be distinctly uncomfortable as she took part in the exercise purely for the cameras.

The video became the source of amusement on the Internet, also inspiring a string of parody videos.

What did pati-parmeshwar Dharmendra think?

Like it usually happens in India, the opinion on a woman’s actions are asked from her most closely-related man. In this case, Malini’s husband and veteran actor, Dharmendra. Not letting go of this opportunity to join the Internet while roasting his wife, Dharmendra said she looked like an amateur while trying to sweep the ground.

Someone on Twitter asked Dharmendra if Hema Malini had actually ever lifted a broom in her life? And Dharmendra responded to that by saying – “Yes, in films. She looked like an amateur, doing it. But I always helped my mother out during my childhood. I was really good with the broom. I love cleanliness.”

Hema Malini’s entertaining election campaign

Campaigning in Mathura, Hema Malini’s splendid election campaign began with her making tall claims about the work done by her party. When asked what she had one, Malini said she ‘couldn’t remember it correctly, but a lot of work was done’. Following which, she took part in elaborate media exercises that showed pretending to cut crops and (just about barely) sharing the load of a woman working on a field.

May Hema Malini never stop participating in such PR exercises, the world would be a less-happier place.