Fans went to see Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan perform together at IIFA 2017, now want refund

Salman Khan attended IIFA 2017 but Shah Rukh Khan gave it a miss. Their not being together on stage has irked fans and are demanding a refund

IIFA 2017 was not only about Udta Punjab bagging the awards, but the show had several other reasons to be in the headlines. From many of the A-list Bollywood stars giving it a miss to a disastrous editing of the show, B-town’s gala event had it all be called boring. And not to forget, the badly executed ‘nepotism’ joke on Kangana Ranaut by Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan, added to criticism of IIFA 2017 in New York. After all of this, the event has landed into another controversy. The eveorganizersers didn’t deliver what they promised to the audience and fans and now they are asking to refund their money.

According to the reports published by a daily, “One of the promotional brochures had photographs of top Hollywood celebrities like Meryl Streep and Matt Damon. None of the promised stars showed up at the event.” It is to be noted that the 18th edition of the IIFA Awards was advertised as “Hollywood meets Bollywood on one stage.”

Another IIFA’s promotional material said three Bollywood biggies – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra – would be seen on the same stage. The brochure clearly said that Salman and SRK would be performing “on same stage – for the first time in USA.” We all know that neither Priyanka and SRK attended the event. After this the audience felt cheated by the organisers and have demanded a refund.

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However, IIFA used a clever trick to sidestep angry demands of a refund, an easy-to-miss disclaimer in fine print: “All images used in this document are for representation purposes and we don’t claim the presence of these individuals at the event unless the same is advertised on our website.”

The furious audience and fans are planning to take the legal action against the organisers and will stop at nothing less than a US-wide ban for their “false claims and fraudulent marketing.”

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Source– India Today

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