Exclusive: Shakti Kapoor's thoughts on changing relationships and generation gap deserve your attention

Shakti Kapoor, who is gearing up for the release of Luv U Family, spoke about the need to respect our elders and being connected to our roots

Shakti Kapoor, the actor who starred in innumerable movies and has experimented with roles, feels the society lacks empathy these days. The veteran actor who will be seen next in Luv U Family, a movie in which he plays the role of a Sikh, said people have become quite mechanical. The statements of Shakti Kapoor bare the ugly truth of relationships and would force one to think about the state of humanity.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we live an era where objects matter more than human emotions. With almost everyone being glued to their handheld devices and refusing to give ample time to real conversations, the words of Shakti Kapoor definitely need our attention. He also pointed out how respecting elders and giving due respect to values has taken a back seat:

What has life become these days? Why are we forgetting emotions? Why are we forgetting the importance of relationships? Why are we not respecting elders? Why aren’t we loving our father and mother? They give birth to us.

Shakti, who is a father of two kids- Shraddha and Siddhant Kapoor, talking about modern relationships deserve special attention because he somewhere understands the psyche of the new generation as well. The star knows it well that times are changing but also pressed on the need to stick to the roots.

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Speaking about the film, Shakti said:

After seeing this film, a lot of people are going to start loving their parents. A lot of parents are going to understand their children.

Talking about the essaying the role of Sikh character, Shakti said he wished he has longer screen time. The actor also added that Sikhs are big-hearted and he would like to portray a character that would bring out the positive qualities of this community in front of everyone.

Luv U Family will hit screens on 9 June.