Eid success or not, Salman Khan's Tubelight is a hit. Haters can back off

The Box Office collection of Tubelight is not that great but writing off Salman Khan's career only because of this would be foolishness

By now, Salman Khan’s Tubelight’s fate at the Box Office is clear. Since it’s release on June 23, Tubelight has earned Rs 95 crore at the domestic Box Office, a number which is disappointing as per Salman’s standards. The movie failed to touch the 100-crore mark in the first five days of release when the previous Eid releases of Salman covered this journey quite easily. While the buzz that Tubelight is a debacle has been gaining momentum, it is totally wrong to call this movie a failure.

As it happens these days, the collections from the Box Office rarely contribute towards the profit of a movie. Tubelight was made on a budget of Rs 100 crore, including the amount of money spent on print and advertising. Now to come in the profit margin, Tubelight was supposed to earn around Rs 200 crore. And the path to this collection seems easy for the movie.

This Kabir Khan directorial earned Rs 132 crore by selling the satellite rights and additional Rs 20 crore by the music rights, reportedly. This brings the total to Rs 152 crore. This brought the movie close to the profit margin. Adding this to the box office collections till now in the domestic market, which is Rs 95 crore, the total number comes to Rs 247 crore. Taking into account the money from the overseas market, the numbers would obviously go up for Tubelight. 

 Agreed that Salman Khan’s past releases have done better business, but then it should not be forgotten that Box Office has always been unpredictable. The presence of Salman Khan in a movie guarantees success, but sometimes even the stars cannot decipher what works and doesn’t work at the Box Office. Apart from Tubelight, another example of this uncertainty is Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan. SRK has high hopes for this movie and it also started on a great note but eventually turned out to be a failure. However, the fate of Tubelight are better than Fan, it seems.

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The poor business of Tubelight has given Salman Khan haters an opportunity to write off his career. But doing so might turn out to be a big mistake. A star like Salman Khan cannot be affected by one film. “Salman is too big to be written off by one film. He will surely be in a much bigger zone with Tiger Zinda Hai and others,” trade expert Girish Johar was quoted by Forbes.

 Salman Khan shed his masochism for the character of Laxman Singh Bisht and his character got a mixed reception. Salman said he agreed to do the movie because he believed in the script and knew it would strike an emotional chord with the viewers. If nothing else, Salman Khan may have managed to do that. And he definitely deserves full marks for attempting something out of the box.

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