'Didn't your parents teach you how to talk to elders?', angry Rishi Kapoor asks abusive Pakistani woman

Rishi Kapoor lost his cool on Twitter yesterday after a Pakistani woman abused him on the micro-blogging website

Landing to headlines from his Twitter timeline is not something that is new for Rishi Kapoor. The veteran actor is once again all over the tabloids after he asked a user of the micro-blogging website to keep her mouth shut. The 64-year-old star who rarely minces his words or refrains from showing his anger on Twitter, slammed a Pakistani woman who had abused him first.

Rishi Kapoor tweeted about brokering a peace deal between the countries India and Pakistan. He mentioned that attempts to iron bring these two countries on the same page via channels of films, music and sports failed miserably always. Rishi’s tweet could have been in reference to the death sentence given to Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav, for spying in Pakistan. Kulbhushan,  a former navy officer of India was taken to prison in Pakistan and it was alleged he was an Indian spy.

After Rishi Kapoor tweeted about impossible amicable relations between India and Pakistan, he came at the receiving end of abuses. A woman from Lahore used slang words and called Rishi ‘f*****g ignorant’. Not being the one to let any kind of abusive language go easily,  Rishi asked the woman if that is how she was taught to speak with elders.

When the woman pointed out that other countries tried spies in a worse manner, Rishi said he was questioning her manners and not morality.

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After this conversation, Rishi tweeted, “These girls abuse and when exposed they make their tweets unavailable. Such is their conviction lol.”

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Here is the exchange of tweets between them:

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A few days ago Rishi Kapoor tweeted in favour of allowing Pakistani cricketers play in the Indian Premier League. The actor took to his social media account to share his feelings about the exclusion of Pakistani players from the most awaited tournament all these years. He had tweeted, “IPL. You got world players. Afghanistan makes debut. My plea is please consider Pakistani players.Phir match hoga! Hum bade log hain.Please!”

But looks like after this incident has got Rishi Kapoor really angry.

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