Dia Mirza doesn't use sanitary napkins, and her reason should be a wake-up call for all of us

 Recently, the actress revealed during a UN meeting that she does not use sanitary napkins anymore. Find out why

As the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India, actress Dia Mirza always makes sure she does her bit to raise awareness about as many environmental issues as she can. Recently during a UN meet, the actress revealed that she does not use sanitary napkins anymore.

Mirza revealed that she does not use sanitary napkins when she’s menstruating because they are non-biodegradable, and have a harmful impact on the environment. In an interview with Navbharat Times, she was quoted saying:

Sanitary napkins and diapers in our country are polluting the environment on a larger scale and that’s why during periods I have stopped using sanitary napkins. As an actor, if I am saying this then it is a big thing because we also promote sanitary napkins. Whenever I get offers of sanitary napkins promotions, I clearly deny them.

Dia does make a valid point. The plastic waste from used sanitary napkins is a major cause for concern for the environment as billions of these non-compostable pads make their way into sewers, fields and water bodies and pose serious environmental and health risks. As per reports, menstrual waste is estimated to be about 113,000 tonnes annually. A source says that in India over 336 million women go through menstruation, and about 121 million use commercial sanitary napkins. These disposable sanitary napkins – which contain dioxin, pesticides, furan, and similar endocrine disruptors – are not only harmful for women, but also pose health hazards for the environment and the waste collectors. Menstrual cups and biodegradable pads are a better option not just for our health, but also for the environment.

Dia also added that instead of regular sanitary napkins, she uses biodegradable ones that don’t leave carbon footprints. Here’s what she had to say:

Now I use biodegradable napkins that get destroyed 100 per cent naturally. In our country, women are (sic) using cotton during periods for a long time but now many options have come that are bad for the environment. Women in India should stop using sanitary napkins and should use protective and secured biodegradable napkins.

Bravo, Dia! Guess it’s high time all of us switch to biodegradable sanitary napkins.