Dear Sandeep 'Kabir Singh' Reddy, Here Are 5 Bollywood Scenes You Will Find Romantic

In an interview, the Kabir Singh director said that if 'lovers' didn't have the freedom to hit each other while being in a relationship, it wasn't true love

We thought Kabir Singh and his brother from another mother, Arjun Reddy, were toxic. Then we met their janmadaata, Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Appearing on a postmortem interview around his hotly-debated film on Film Companion, Vanga responded to some of the criticism that he thought was ‘bizarre’. He said something spectacular where he said that if ‘lovers’ didn’t have the freedom to hit each other while being in a relationship, it wasn’t ‘true love’. Twitter had a field day with this quote, as the debate around Kabir Singh only got more heated.

If Vanga’s definition of romance is to be believed, one can certainly be sure that the following five scenes fit right into that bracket of ‘true love’. Don’t believe it? Check these out:

1. Darr
As Juhi Chawla extends her hand towards Shah Rukh Khan to wish him on Holi, Khan grabs her wrist and forcefully slathers her face with colour. Yes, if slapping qualifies as ‘true and intense love’, then such molestation is also in the same league. No?

Courtesy: YRF

2. Daraar
Arbaaz Khan is a petty, possessive husband on steroids in this film. Forget tolerating another man’s presence in front of his wife (Juhi Chawla again!), he won’t even hear a compliment about a gair mard from his wife. Oh, since she doesn’t know this yet, this happens…

3. Raanjhana
One of Bollywood’s primary stalker movies that writes about slashed wrists and assaulting potential dates, and later makes a martyr of the protagonist, Raanjhana would surely be a movie about ‘pure love’. Something that’s most evident in this scene, where a teenage Kundan (Dhanush) slits his wrists and coerces a girl (Sonam Kapoor) into submission.

One of Bollywood’s favourite romantic heroes, R Madhavan, played a very problematic character. Something that comes to the fore in this scene, where the entitled alpha male goes from grovelling in front of his lady love to full-power threatening her into a relationship. Vanga would have appreciated the visceral passion in this romance.

5. Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya
An entitled brat like Badrinath (Varun Dhawan) does something only Hindi film ka hero can do, and get away with. Having been stood up at the altar, Badrinath kidnaps the said girl (Alia Bhatt), stuffs her in the trunk of a car and drives off. He gets away with it, because the woman has to (obviously!) rescue him from his demons.