Dear Oscars, Bollywood celebrities have something to say to you after major gaffe

Oscars 2017 concluded earlier today but not without giving people around the globe to talk about. Here is how Bollywood reacted to it

It is not breaking news anymore that the 89th Academy Awards witnessed the biggest goof-up in the history of the prestigious ceremony. When Warren Beatty mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner oof Best Picture, when in reality it was Moonlight, everyone across the globe was stunned. Soon after he corrected his mistake, social media was flooded with reactions.

While the entire world was busy giving their reactions and a large chunk of Americans wishing this blunder would have happened during the Presidential Elections result; Oscars came at the receiving end of advice from Bollywood celebrities.

When the luminous of Hollywood were celebrating the big night, their counterparts in India resorted to trolling them for the gaffe. Celebrities like Karan Johar,  Farah Khan, and Sonu Sood have something to say to Oscars.

Farah Khan added a bit of humour through her tweet in which she pointed out the stark contrast between awards in Hollywood and Bollywood.

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars 2017

Popular comedian and talk shwo host Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 89th Annual Academy Awards. (Courtesy: Reuters)

In case you still don’t know what happened at the Oscars, let us inform you. Hosts Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced La La Land as the winner of Best Picture. The entire team of the romantic musical went up to the stage to accept the honour and producer Jordan Horowitz started his speech. But, his speech was powered by co-producer Fred Berger, who learned about the gaffe.  The team quite sportingly and happily handed the trophy to the cast of Moonlight.

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Later, Warren Beatty revealed he was given the wrong envelope which led to this gaffe.

Take a look at the reactions of Bollywood: