Dear Bollywood, admit it. Early morning tweets are not your cup of tea

Bollywood celebrities like singer Sonu Nigam should refrain from tweeting early in the morning

‘Handle with care’ is the apt instruction which should be ingrained in the minds of those who are active on Twitter. The 144-character limit strong social media platform has catastrophic consequences if not managed properly. Sadly, playback singer Sonu Nigam learnt it the hard way when he vented his ire on a religious issue on social media. As expected, he got roasted by Twitterati who are in no mood to spare him.

The singer whose songs are listened in a loop for the past two decades, lost his cool and complained how azaan from loudspeaker near his home was responsible for him waking up early in the morning. His agony can be gauged by the fact that he went on a rant spree, going to an extent of calling it ‘gundagardi’. Roughly translated as hooliganism. Speak out loud, we didn’t hear it?

Till now, we have not heard any clarification coming from the singer. Maybe he dozed off after posting them, or found it difficult to stay awake after reading through angry responses from the users. And now, the entire world is after his life. Bollywood stars have often courted controversies with their tweets, be it sensitive or insensitive in nature. They are trolled irrespective of what they post on social media. But one important point they should keep in mind is: DON’T TWEET EARLY IN THE MORNING.

Not everyone is Amitabh Bachchan who usually tweets after midnight and ends up getting maximum responses during that time. After all, he is Bollywood’s shehanshah. Even superstars like Salman Khan who recently lost his cool in a midnight tweet after finding that his fans were abusing the admirers of his peers Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma found himself in the midst of an unwarranted controversy last year when his angry tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral.

Little did Sharma realise that the following tweet will do a lot of damage to him.

Realising that he had come in the line of fire by trolls, the stand-up comedian clarified saying his post was not directed at a political party. Soon, he bore the brunt as cases related to violation of environmental laws were filed against him. Now, Sharma uses the incident as a cue to crack jokes on his flagship The Kapil Sharma Show. He does not mind to be panned on his show by celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan who has mocked him for his ‘patriotic’ tweet.

There is none other than Shah Rukh Khan who can teach Nigam how to deal with the temptation to reach out to his 5.9 million followers on Twitter. After All, Nigam has lent his voice to the superstar in numerous films. Given the situation he has put himself in, it is advisable for the National Award winning vocalist to refrain from logging into his Twitter account early in the morning.

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