Dangal fans in China are now going for multiple watches of the Aamir Khan movie. Read their first hand account

Wenjing, a 19-year-old Chinese girl, who had watched Dangal five times till last week, had plans to see it one more time

Since the last three and a half weeks, the Chinese can only be heard saying Shuai Jiao Baba (Let’s Wrestle, Father), which the Indians know as Dangal. The unprecedented acceptance for this Aamir Khan starrer in the country has enabled the film to become India’s most successful production ever. The film has appealed to the Chinese in such a manner that they have been flocking in theatres day after day to experience this gem one more time. They clearly cannot get enough of this wrestling drama that traces a father’s journey of overcoming existing prejudices in the society.

Day after day, Dangal has achieved new milestones in China and is now on its way to touch the Rs 1000 crore mark. Back in 2015, when Aamir’s PK had done a business of Rs 100 crore there, it was considered to be one big achievement. Now, when the Nitesh Tiwari directorial has earned ten times more of that, all the adjectives seem less to describe the feat.

Wenjing, a 19-year-old Chinese girl, who had watched Dangal five times till last week, had plans to see it one more time. She, along with a friend of hers Ajie Yang who had seen the film thrice, shared their unparalleled love for the movie with Scroll.in.

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I cannot keep spending all my money on Dangal. It’s 50 yuan for each ticket, I need to stop,” said Wenjing, who has juggled between classes and work schedules to take time out.

Apart from the 50 yuan, the Chinese have also given a special name to Aamir – Uncle Khan. His another most loved film in China is 3 Idiots and Wenjing couldn’t resist to mention it. “3 Idiots is an extremely popular movie in China. Many schools and colleges have screened it for their students. I know many young kids who have watched and loved it,” Wenjing said.

3 Idiots was shown to Wenjing by her teacher Hou who thinks that the film conveys an important message. “3 Idiots is an important film as it tells students that you need to be interested in learning rather than concentrating just on your exam scores,” he said.

Despite all the love and adulation, Aamir, however, lost the most favourite Khan tag to Salman Khan as both Wenjing and Ajie picked him over Mr Perfectionist. Well, there’s no issue till it’s either of our Khans!

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Dangal had released in China on 5 May on approx 9,000 screens and became the most successful non-Hollywood film in the country. It has widely opened up the market for Hindi films there as the Chinese will now look forward to a film from Bollywood wholeheartedly.

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