Dangal collects Rs 1106 crore at China Box Office, Chinese calls it an 'example of cooperation among BRICS nations'

Dangal is on a record breaking in China. It has managed to rake in Rs 1106 crore at the Box Office. Here is how Chinese are looking at this success

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is doing a phenomenal business in China. The film has collected an unimaginable figure of Rs 1106 crore so far at the Box Office. Both the content and the number of screens it was released on worked in the favour of the film. Also, after Aamir Khan’s PK release in the country, the Chinese audience has become familiar with the actor and consider him synonym to a good performance-oriented entertainer.

While many trade and film experts gave their comments on the reasons behind such a terrific Box Office win for Dangal, a senior Chinese leader has described the film as ‘great’ and example of ‘cooperation among BRICS nations.’

In a meeting with a group of editors and journalists in Beijing for the BRICS Media Forum, Liu Yunshan, a member of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, said Dangal was one of the most “successful and influential” films shown in China in recent years. He said: “India and its media should be proud of what the film has achieved… It is a great example of cooperation among BRICS countries. We, media people, should give greater coverage to this film.”

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Not just the audience, the media also seems truly swooned by Aamir’s charm in China. In an interview earlier, Aamir spoke about how overwhelmed he was with the response to the sports drama. He said: “While we were hoping that Dangal connects with the people of China, not in our wildest dreams we thought that this is the kind of connect we would have. It was unprecedented. We are pleasantly surprised.” Check out this tweet from trade analyst Ramesh Bala:

According to him, the reason it has become so huge is that the Chinese connected on an emotional level with the story, the characters and the moments. He had added: “I have been reading their reactions on social media. They have been saying things like how the movie moved them… It made them realise what their parents went through. Many of them called up their parents and cried. It’s a very emotional reaction.”

Source: IANS

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