Why Alia Bhatt best represents today's 20-year-old on screen than any other actress

Alia Bhatt, who has played varied women-oriented roles in her four-year-long film career so far, turns 24 today

It’s Alia Bhatt’s birthday today. The dimpled actress has won our hearts with her electrifying performances in her four-year-long career so far. A Filmfare Award-winning actor, the 24-year-old continues to ascend new heights of stardom with her phenomenal work. Recently, I got to watch much-awaited Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Set in a small-town India, the story revolves around a couple who fall in love in adverse circumstances. Alia played Vaidehi, a career-driven girl who does not want to be bound to the compulsions of marriage. When Badri (Varun Dhawan) confesses his love for him, she does not reciprocate instantly but ensures that he is the right choice for her.

It is a common saying that cinema is a reflection of the society. The female characters in Bollywood films are drawn with the current social changes in our times. And Alia has emerged as the perfect choice to portray the women of the modern generation. Today, a typical Indian woman is aware of her goals and is outspoken. Just like Ananya of 2 States who is clear-headed about the kind of person she wants to marry. On the other hand, she voices her opinion against dowry system when the cousin of her prospective groom (Arjun Kapoor) finds it difficult to meet her greedy in-laws’ demands. Also, she confronts her beau whether he is serious in the relationship or treating her merely for ‘benefits’. That’s Ananya for you. She will not tolerate her parents being insulted by her would-be mom-in-law.

If Vaidehi and Ananya are practical and career-oriented, Alia won our hearts with her portrayal of Kiara in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi who deals with depression. We often ignore the catastrophic effects of depression and Kiara will force us to look at ourselves whether we are really okay. At least, sweating out in the gym does not ensure overall fitness. With help from therapist Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), she is able to sort her problems. Similarly, Alia portrayed another depressed girl in Kapoor & Sons, who was unable to cope up with the early demise of her parents. The role won her a lot of accolades by fans and critics alike.

Alia won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her role of a Bihari labourer in Udta Punjab. A clueless Bauria finds herself involved in drug trade only to land in more troubles. We often hear about women drawn into drug and flesh trade. If Bauria was naive and apprehensive, Veera in Highway is bold and does not hesitate to confront her tormentor who sexually abused her as a child. On the other hand, Students Of The Year’s Shanaya belonged to an affluent family for whom the entire world revolved around her elite circle and flirtatious boyfriend Rohan Nanda (Varun Dhawan). However, once she finds love in Abhimanyu, Shanaya does not refrain and makes the first move. That’s the modern woman for you, taking decisions of her life on her own.

With such brilliant roles, it is clear that Alia is definitely going places. After all, she has the eagerness to learn from her mistakes. She sportingly takes humour directed at her about her IQ (Remember Koffee With Karan episode) and even does a show related to it. Have you ever heard about any star doing such a thing?

Have a nice day, Alia!

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