Better not talk about 'upbringing': Award winning filmmaker Jaideep Varma slams Saif Ali Khan in a Facebook post

Saif Ali Khan has been slammed by Jaideep Varma for never getting in touch with him after asking him to write a script for a feature film

Saif Ali Khan’s act at IIFA 2017 where he along with Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan invited ire for him. After criticism, Saif Ali Khan wrote an open letter explaining what he felt about the entire episode and drew reference with genes. While Saif was slammed for his letter, seems his troubles are far from her. Jaideep Varma, a National Award winning filmmaker, took to Facebook to share a letter he wrote to Saif and slammed the actor for not keeping his word.

According to Jaideep, Saig had approached him in 2003 to write a script for a feature film. Jaideep claimed he did not want to write it, but Saif insisted. A convinced Jaideep then wrote the script, spending days on it, claimed his Facebook post. But on completion when he tried to get in touch with Saif, he did not get any response. Jaideep also claimed once Saif picked up the phone, promised he would revert but never did.

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Saif Ali Khan writes open letter on Nepotism debate (Courtesy-IANS)

Talking about the possible scenarios, Jaideep wrote that either Saif would have been busy or he just lied to him. Jaideep also slammed him for talking about upbringing on more than one occasion and then not being decent enough to return his calls.

Here is the Facebook post of Jaideep:

Jaideep’s Facebook post is a response to Saif’s open letter in which he spoke about genes and nepotism. Jaideep who won National Award in 2011 for his documentary Leaving Home in the Best Arts/Cultural Film category, clearly did not mince his words. We wonder what Saif has to say about these allegations.

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