Before MI:6, 5 Bollywood Films That Also Shot Abroad But Passed It Off As India

Before you outrage about how 'dare' Mission Impossible: Fallout show NZ as Kashmir, here are five Bollywood films that pulled the same stunt WAY BEFORE.

The release of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Fallout is only a fortnight away, but it’s making headlines in India for beginning its action in ‘Kashmir’. According to Cruise, the film apparently kicks off with an outbreak in ‘Kashmir’, the only problem being that the sequences are actually filmed in New Zealand. Director Christopher McQuarrie said the only place in the world they could get permission to film their helicopter stunt (apparently something that’s making Cruise giddy to show the audience), was in Kiwi-land.

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Before you outrage about how ‘dare’ these Americans do this, here are five Bollywood films that pulled the same stunt WAY BEFORE Tom Cruise did:

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
The most famous one, Karan Johar’s film shows a college bus heading to ‘Goa’ and in the next scene we miraculously land in Mauritius. Of course, the transparent water is kind of a giveaway. But hey, no shame in this. It was 1998 after all.

2. Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon
When you got all the money in the world (thanks to Hum Aapke Hai Koun!) you try to pass off New Zealand as ‘Sundar Nagar’. This fictitious hill station in North India, has the most exotic kind of flora, world-class amenities in adventure sports and also a different kind of gravity that allows Pankaj Kapur to fly a few feet, after crashing his bike. Definitely not India.

3. Fanaa
The second half of Kunal Kohli’s film is apparently set in ‘Kashmir’ (hello: Tom Cruise!) but the film is reportedly shot in Poland. That kind of heavy snowfall might be true for Kashmir in a few circumstances, but is largely abnormal. They even placed a board saying ‘Gulmarg’ – props for trying.

4. Yaadein
Subhash Ghai’s magnum opus, that pretty much put Mukta Arts out of business, shot in the most posh areas of London and called it London. But for the India portions, the crew extensively shot in Malaysia and a few neighbouring islands and passed it off as ‘Panchkula’. No, Mr Ghai. No.

5. 1920
Probably the funniest of the lot, Vikram Bhatt shot the entire film in the vicinity of a ‘castle’ that screams Yorkshire. But Mr Bhatt, repeatedly insisted that the location in the film was Palampur. Sure.

Whatay wow, Bollywood!