Before 'Avatar', Here Are 7 Of Govinda's Hollywood Auditions That Didn't Work Out

If you're asking us honestly, it does seem like Govinda in 'Saajan Chale To The Matrix' had the potential to win an Oscar at least.

Most of us were taken aback by Chi Chi’s casual name-dropping, weren’t we? To imagine Govinda, an actor who taught an entire generation to shimmy like a Hindi film ka hero, discussing a project with arguably the most successful director on the planet – James Cameron. Big deal, right?

And then for him to proudly proclaim that he turned it down because he couldn’t bear sitting while wearing body paint for 410 days (the shooting schedule for the film, one would assume). Well, it takes a boss like Govinda to make an anecdote like this sound credible… or at least… entertaining.

So we decided to imagine Govinda auditioning for seven other BIG Hollywood projects. Some of these poster fit so well, it hurts:

1. Tony Babu

2. Saajan Chale To The Matrix

3. Run Rajaji Run!

4. The Maharaja Rises


5. Mrs Doubtfire No. 1

6. Do You Wanna Partner?

7. Jis Desh Mein Simba Rehta Hai

Design credit: Chetan Kamal

Note: This article is meant for humorous purposes only.