An open letter to Salman Khan fans on his 51st  birthday

Fans across the country are celebrating Salman Khan's 51st birthday. And they deserve all the acknowledgment for loving their bhai so unconditionally

Dear bhaijaans

It must be a big day for you. Your beloved bhai, Salman Khan, has turned 51 and you must have planned all sorts of crazy birthday celebrations to express your love for him. A few of you who live in Mumbai might also be roaming around Galaxy Apartments just to get a glimpse of him.

I am writing to tell you how special you all are. Salman Khan might or might not be a good actor, he might or might not deserve the kind of superstardom he has, but I know for a fact that he is currently the most blessed actor in Bollywood. Because he finds his support from all you people. It’s you who have made him superstar Salman Khan, probably the last rockstar of a kind in the industry.

Your bhai is one of the top actors in the film industry currently. His films do tremendous business at the Box Office and it doesn’t matter if he brings an action, comedy or a romance drama, you accept him in all his on-screen avatars. I have not seen the fans of any other superstar being so large-hearted. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Fan were not accepted by his ardent fans. But, you stood by Salman in the times of Jai Ho and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Salman Khan has got this badass and completely unabashed attitude. He gives a damn to image consciousness and follows his heart. And I think he is able to carry such fearlessness within him because he knows his fans are always behind him, cheering him, supporting him in whatever he decides to take up. It is you who give him enough courage to be his kind of Dabangg. It is you who backs him up to be Ready to do all Wanted or unwanted things in life.

I don’t know how much of affection in lieu do you all expect from Salman, but your love for him deserves all the love back in the world. And one of the best things to appreciate about you all is that you guys don’t seem fake. You are always ready to defend him with all the logistics, facts, and figures. In fact, you guys sometimes turn into an encyclopedia of Salman’s success records at the Box Office, the names of his top films and also of the films he refused to do. A few minute conversation with you and it becomes evident that you are a bhai maniac, and therefore we should mind our words.

I know how you all are equipped with the stories of Salman Khan and his hidden benevolent self. You tell other people about these noble incidences so that they also get to know how soft-hearted Salman is. Trust me, all these things that you do for him are commendable. More commendable is the fact that your love for him is effortless and so affable.

He always says that his family is his strength. But you all are no less than his family. What else can we call people who have devoted their lives just to give unconditional love to one man? I respect you and genuinely believe you all have made what Salman Khan is today. Go out, dance like crazy, celebrate as if it’s a festival today, sing and make this world a happy place. ‘Do whatever you want to do man’, you all deserve all the happiness in the world today.