Akshay Kumar Dodging A Question Around Voting, Proves That He's The Only Khiladi

Allegedly, Akshay Kumar is not eligible to vote in India, after he renounced it to take up Canadian citizenship.

Mumbai voted earlier this week and Akshay Kumar was ‘mysteriously’ absent from his polling booth, even as most of his uber-famous colleagues shared pictures of their inked fingers. And obviously Twitter couldn’t contain its curiosity. Kumar was even asked about it, where he refused to entertain the whole question and said chaliye beta… (let’s move, son!) and left the venue.

For some context, Kumar recently participated in a ‘non-political, freewheeling chat’ with the honourable Prime Minister, where Kumar subjected Modi to some tough questions like ‘what kind of mangoes does he like to eat?’ and ‘why doesn’t he ever get angry?’ Many news publications criticised Kumar for boosting the Prime Minister’s profile in the midst of election season, so much so that Ravish Kumar did his own version of a ‘non-political, freewheeling’ primetime bulletin.

Even PM Modi was criticised for making time for this interview at a time, where he has categorically stayed away from extempore interviews and hasn’t called a single press conference since he took office in May, 2014.

It was only understandable that there were a lot of people curious about Akshay ‘Patriot’ Kumar’s whereabouts on the day of voting. Allegedly, Kumar is not eligible to vote in India, after he renounced it to take up the citizenship in Canada.