Akshay Kumar Quietly Deletes Old Tweet On Rising Petrol Prices, Twitter Shows Him Receipts

The Internet never forgets, Akshay Kumar.

Canadian citizen and the number one promoter of desh ki mitti, Akshay Kumar, is making headlines yet again. The actor and his wife, writer Twinkle Khanna, were recently caught in a bind after their bid to auction Kumar’s naval ‘uniform’ from the film, Rustom backfired rather dramatically. Even as the ambers of that particular raging controversy was just about dying down, the Bollywood superstar has become embroiled yet another social media debate.

As petrol prices in Mumbai hit an astronomical Rs 84 per litre, citizens came out in full force to express their displeasure. The known supporters of the current political regime from the film industry however maintained radio silence. Nobody was truly surprised, because come one! We’ve seen this happen way too often in the last four years. But that doesn’t mean the bigwigs are immune to being called out for their blatant hypocrisy. Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan had both tweeted about the rising cost of petrol under the UPA regime back in 2012, when the rate was Rs 62-64 for petrol. The current cost is dangerously close to hitting a century, and yet neither Kumar nor Bachchan seem to be worried this time round.

After netizens started pointed that very fact out by subtweeting an old tweet of Akshay, the Pad Man star, instead of responding, deleted it. Twitter, of course, had screenshots to spare: