After turning nun last year, Sofia Hayat announces engagement to a mystery man

Sofia Hayat, who shocked many when she turned into a nun last year, has announced her engagement. Here are the pictures she shared

Sofia Hayat, who denounced worldly pleasures to become a nun a year ago, has announced her engagement. The model who was also a participant of the reality show Bigg Boss, took to Instagram on Wednesday to make the news public. In the Instagram post, Sofia wrote this is the marriage she had been waiting for all these years.

Though Sofia put pictures of her romantic date,  she didn’t reveal the identity of her fiancee.On her Instagram post, Sofia wrote, “Intimate dinner at Sketch to celebrate our engagement in the private room in the Lecture room restaurant….they made us a congratulations cake..spreading the love.” Another photo which Sofia shared had the caption, “Happily engaged!”

In yet another picture of the opulent engagement ring, Sofia wrote about finding the right person. Sofia revealed she agreed to the big step because the man made her feel beautiful. It was in this post that Sofia told us that she dated her fiancee for only one week.

Her post read, “After 1 week of dating..yet knowing each other so deep…we knew. Love is infinite and so great. When you feel this amount of unconditional love in such little know. Always be true to your heart..for it only knows the truth. This is the marriage the heavens have been waiting for. The cosmic mother has finally been reunited with the cosmic father..and in our abundant Unconditional LOVE..the world will come to know it too. The alchemy of sacred sex brings about changes to the world in a way you never thought possible. The SUN The nowhere.” (sic)

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Sofia’s references to the cosmic nature are in agreement of her becoming a nun. Last year, she had made it to the headlines after the sensuous diva turned a nun. Quite recently, Sofia had sparked another controversy when she posted which had sign ‘Swastika’ on her feet’s sole.