After being trolled for getting a 'lip job', Shruti Haasan has a befitting reply for body shamers

Shruti Haasan was trolled for allegedly getting a lip job done and for putting on weight. The actress has a befitting reply for all of them

Shruti Haasan has a response to all those haters who body shamed her for gaining weight and getting a lip job done. The actress, whose movie Behen Hogi Teri will release tomorrow, said it was her body and no one has a say in it except herself. Shruti in a recent interview spoke about the pressure of looking good always but added that the hoopla around the body of an actress is pointless. Shruti became the target of trolls, because of her weight.

During her promotional events these days, Shruti was trolled. many social media users pointed out that she looked different. One user wrote, “Finally, you are fat! Congratulations and welcome to the FatClub”, while another Twitter user wrote, “Why on Earth did Shruti Hassan get a lip job done. She was the prettiest young thing to come on screen and now. What la.”

Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan make an interesting pair for Behen Hogi Teri

Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan make an interesting pair for Behen Hogi Teri

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When questioned about how she felt about these, Shruti told a daily, “It’s my face, my body. What I do with it is nobody’s business. What people write about me on social media does not bother me. I am not answerable to anyone.”

“Looking good is part of our job, but the unnecessary chatter about weight must be filtered. To maintain an ‘acceptable’ figure for an actress is impossible. We are human. We gain and lose weight for roles, and sometimes naturally too,” Shruti added.

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Targeting actresses for the way they look are not something new. Quite recently, Fatima Sana Shaikh was slut-shamed on Instagram for wearing a swimsuit during the month of Ramadan. Deepika Padukone, who shot for magazine Maxim, was also body-shamed with some saying she should join the porn industry.

However, Shruti’s response to the body-shamers proves she cares little about what they think about her. More power to you Shruti!


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