After being blocked by Sonakshi Sinha, Sona Mohapatra now wants to 'clap' for her singing

Sona Mohapatra wishes that Sonakshi Sinha gets the best opening for her films. The singer says that her social media post was taken out of context

Singer Sona Mohapatra recently created headlines for expressing her displeasure over the news of actress Sonakshi Sinha’s performance at the Justin Bieber concert. However, the Ambar Sariya singer now thinks that her social media post was taken out of context. Talking about the controversy recently, Sona stated that she never had any ill-intention against the Dabangg girl.

In her latest statement, Sona said that she’ll be the first one to clap for Sonakshi the day she sings well.

When asked if things have cooled down between the duo, Sona said there was never a fight between them. She elaborated:

That’s a general statement that I made. That got picked up as some kind of a fight between me and Sonakshi and it is ridiculous. I have nothing personal against Sonakshi. I wish her the best. I hope she has the best opening in all her films and when she comes on stage to sing she should actually sing and blow us away. If she sings well, I would be the first one to clap for her.

There were reports that Sonakshi, who has sung in some Bollywood movies, was going to be the opening act at Biebers gig, which was criticised by singers Kailash Kher and Armaan Malik.

They claimed that the opportunity should have gone to a professional singer and not a Bollywood star.

Sonakshi later clarified that though she was approached by the concert organisers, she was not performing at the event.

Sona says her comments were on a larger issue but her spat with Sonakshi was picked up and went viral.

I think it is all in a good space, we live in times where we can express ourselves. We have a different point of views. We can argue. The media seems to pick up the most inane things to blow up.

The singer was speaking at the success party of Vir Das Netflix debut Abroad Understanding. 

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