Abhay Deol supports Swara Bhaskar's views on nepotism, asks if she will get same attention as Kangana Ranaut

Abhay Deol has in a Facebook post supported Swara Bhaskar for her views on nepotism. Swara has earlier said she didn't feel Bollywood was nepotistic

The nepotism debate which started after Kangana Ranaut appeared on the chat show Koffee With Karan is showing no signs of dying out. When Kangana accused Karan of being the flagbearer of nepotism on the show, she stirred many conversations about how Bollywood treated outsiders. Now actor Abhay Deol has spoken on the matter and supported Swara Bhaskar on her views.

Swara Bhaskar had recently said that she didn’t experience any such behaviour in the industry. Swara had said Bollywood as an industry is based on relationships and it is obviously difficult for outsiders but nature is not at all nepotistic. Swara added that people like Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and Aditya Chopra have nice to her.

Since this nepotism debate put the spotlight on Karan Johar, Swara also spoke about him. Swara said Karan has been extremely warm to her. “Since the whole nepotism debate is going on, I just want to say that Karan has been a revelation to me. He is an industry elite but he has been a wonderful surprise. He launched our film’s poster despite me not knowing him personally,” Swara added.

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Quoting Swara’s words on his Facebook, Abhay Deol asked if the media would give equal reportage to her as they did to Kangana. Abhay, who himself belongs to the celebrated Deol family, clearly has his opinions sorted. Read his post here:

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With Kangana going all arms against Karan Johar, we wonder how these statements by Abhay and Swara will turn the debate. After the episode aired Karan Johar spoke about what he felt like. The director said he was fed up of Kangana using the victim card alone and how she conveniently forgot all the outsiders he worked with. This statement by KJo drew him criticism and many said he himself has used the ‘victim card’ many times.

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Now it is left to be seen what happens next in this big debate.