A Day After The Election Sweep, Anurag Kashyap Has An Urgent Question For PM Modi

We got an exhibit of how low discourse had stooped when Ashoke Pandit retweeted Anurag Kashyap's request by questioning the legitimacy of the screenshot.

It’s not even been a day since the BJP swept the 2019 Elections, but director Anurag Kashyap has already raised a very urgent and legitimate question to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kashyap took up the cause of online trolling, that has hit a new low during Modi’s governance. The Dev.D director pleaded with the Prime Minister to keep a check on these seemingly ‘BJP supporters’ and how fearlessly they go about issuing rape threats to women. Kashyap brought it up after his daughter faced it on her Instagram. And that too, for Kashyap’s dissent.

This has been an ongoing malaise during the Modi tenure, where Twitter has only become a filthier place for women. When Gauri Lankesh was murdered in 2017, there were many accounts celebrating her being gunned down with the choicest of expletives. These are accounts that are followed by the honourable Prime Minister’s official Twitter account, something he has done nothing to dissociate from even after their vile tweets became headlines.

Only yesterday, OpIndia Editor Nupur Sharma’s derision towards ‘liberals’ took an ugly turn after she chose to break her dam of F-words.

We got an exhibit A of how low the discourse had stooped, shortly after Kashyap’s aforementioned tweet. BJP sympathiser and former filmmaker Ashoke Pandit retweeted Kashyap’s request by questioning the legitimacy of the screenshot. He went on to say that when something similar happened to his own daughter, he didn’t ‘crib about it to the PM’ and instead filed a police complaint against the alleged ‘miscreant’. At which point Kashyap lost his cool, and the name-calling began.

Another five years of a Modi-led BJP government and what it does to our conversations on Twitter, is something we’ll have to wait and watch. However, as Kashyap has rightly pointed out to the BJP supremo, something needs to be done about these rape/assault threats that seem to be coming from a particular part of society.