9 Gifs That Prove The Race 3 Trailer Was Made By Salman Khan's Driver

Race 3 looks like the freaking personification of 'Sallu Bhai' in cinematic form

“Jis race se mujhe nikaalne ki baat kar rahe hai, ye bewakuf… Wo nahi jaante us race ka sikandar mai hu.”

Not sure if that dialogue was written for the movie or if Salman Khan had Remo D’Souza put it into Race 3 after the Blackbuck verdict. Regardless, the first film in succession after Sallu’s conviction (and his prompt bail) has all the Bhai fans drooling over it. And why shouldn’t it? The film has got to be the stuff of dreams for the fans — a gun-toting Salman, flying around on bikes and launching missiles right out of his hand. Race 3 looks like the freaking personification of ‘Sallu Bhai’ in cinematic form.

No wonder some critics are already predicting a Rs 100 crore-plus Box Office opening, when the film comes out on June 15. So, let’s look at what we have here.

Salman Khan spinning a bike while shooting guns:

Salman Khan shooting more guns:

Aaaaand, Salman Khan blowing up cars with bigger guns:

Did that car just split into two before blowing up? Would someone even care to explain that?

Ugh! What a line! Can somebody get this scriptwriter an award, already?

Daisy Shah herself can be seen doing a bit of action in the trailer, along with Jacqueline Fernandes. Well, if you can call ‘spinning’ action…

Erm, what kinda physics was that, exactly?

We def did not sign up for freaking phugadis in the name of action, for sure, fam.

Just when you thought the no-logics project was all done and dusted, there’s this rider, who is known for spontaneously combusting:

Also featuring — the ability to fly


Isn’t it almost time we started doing something more sensible with our films? Why did Salman even agree to this movie? More importantly, who’s he gonna blame for this disaster? His driver?!