8 Moments In Salman Khan's Loveratri That We Haven't Seen In Any Other Hindi Film

Are you curious about Loveratri's climax? Will he get the girl or will he get the girl?

What are cliches? ~ Salman Khan, 2018

If you don’t remember the above quote by Salman Khan, then you cannot be blamed. That’s because the Bollywood superstar has never said those words. He has lived them through nearly three decades of his career. Cliches in a Salman Khan film? Impossible.

And it rings true for his latest production too – Loveratri. Starring Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma (stop calling this nepotism, please) and Warina Hussain speaking broken Hindi, the film’s trailer is one of the most groundbreaking ones you will see this year.

Here are 8 moments from the trailer, that tell you how Loveratri will stand out among the important films of the year:

1. Entry of the ‘ambitionless, college-going hero’

2. Best flying hero after being accidentally struck by a dandiya (of course with a smile on his face!)

3. Chep hero sees foreign-returned heroine, and of course it rains. How dare you question this?

4. Foreign-returned heroine ‘proves’ her Indian-ness by enunciating words in Hindi and Gujarati. #WhoDoesItBetter #JacquelineFernandezOrKatrinaKaif

5. Hero and heroine do their worst impression of Bollywood’s famous ‘almost-kisses’

6. Ram Kapoor gives pep talk to hero that he has ‘9 days and 9 nights’ (hint: Navratri) to stalk the girl and win her over #BollywoodElders #AlwaysProblematic

7. Ronit Roy resurrecting the biggest cliche in the Bollywood love story – the ladki ka Indian baap!

P.S – At this point, is anyone else wondering if Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy come together as a package for a film? Think Udaan, Student Of The Year… this?

8. The mandatory cameos by Bhai’s out-of-work bhais

You can watch the whole trailer here:

You remember how this ends right? A story been told and retold (and told some more…) during the 100 years of Hindi cinema.  Does he get the girl or does he get the girl? If you’re still curious about it, then Loveratri comes out on October 5.