7 times Aditya Narayan's dance moves were more inappropriate than the drunk uncle in a baraat

Aditya Narayan's talents are not just confined to his average hosting and singing skills. And you'll have to check out his dance videos to understand this

Aditya Narayan- the man who spent his childhood and a large part of his adulthood hosting a singing reality show, has become the talking point of Bollywood. His run-in with staff members of IndiGo has been all over the news. Apparently, his extra baggage was a concern for the airlines and when they demanded around Rs 13,000 from him, Aditya lost his mind.  Aditya said he would remove chaddis of the staff and ‘see’ them in Mumbai.

Since the controversy broke, many on social media questioned what was his claim to fame and what gave him the right to behave like a brat. TBH, no one has the right to behave like a brat, even if they are God’s gift to earth and oozing talent. As for Aditya’s claim to fame we did some research and found out that his talents are not just confined to his average hosting and singing skills.  He is quite a dancer.

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Here’s taking a look at some of his epic moves:

Aditya Narayan playing the guitar without the instrument:

In a video starring Bhojpuri actress Monalisa and Aditya dated 2015, the latter can be seen doing all kinds of unimaginable things. Where did he learn the talent of playing the guitar without using the instrument? Take a look:

When Aditya Narayan’s dance was as vulgar as the lyrics:

The song in which Aditya can be seen dancing talks about a mobile stuck in the woman’s blouse and how it is making him uncomfortable. Like the lyrics is an innuendo, so is Aditya’s dance. Check this out:

And just to make you more uncomfortable, here is the complete video:

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Aditya Narayan becoming Chikini Chameli: 

At Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 5, a contestant asked Aditya to dance on Chikini Chameli and he obliged (after some resistance, which all looked scripted). After looking at the video, we sincerely wish the makers would have come up with a better idea to keep viewers entertained. Watching Aditya wearing a saree, trying hard to mimic Katrina Kaif and failing miserably is not something you would want to watch while having dinner with family at the dining table.

Aditya Narayan literally becoming the uncle we see in parties: 

Let’s be honest here. No matter how hard, Aditya Narayan tries he just cannot let go off his boyish charm. So when he tried to act like a Punjabi and dance on the tunes of Jee Karda, we felt sorry for Akshay Kumar. Poor Khiladi Kumar, couldn’t have been able to reprimand Aditya for ruining his song. Here it is:

Aditya Narayan showing his ‘dheela’ character:

In the original Character Dheela song, Salman Khan did not do much and was seen rarely moving. But when Aditya grooved to the song, he definitely moved a lot, only we would have rather he did not. Aditya singing the song did not help either. And you’d understand what we mean right here:

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Aditya Narayan doing rain dance (you shouldn’t have):

We have many actresses who have given us dance numbers which we totally love. From Raveena Tandon’s Tip Tip Barsa Pani to Shraddha Kapoor’s Cham Cham Cham, these dance numbers are pure gold. And then we have Aditya Narayan trying to pull a dance number and ending up jumping like a mad man in this video. See it here:


We still don’t understand why Aditya had to do even try all these things? Maybe, he wanted to tap on his ‘privilege’.

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