7 Beautiful Lines From The 'Marjaavaan' Trailer That Hint At It Being 2019's Gunda

In Marjaavaan, the film's characters seem to be in a parallel universe where they're sincerely trying (& colossally failing) at the single-screen routine.

Milap Milan Zaveri (MMZ) is back! Don’t know who he is? He’s the guy behind Satyamev Jayate. No… not the show. The movie where John Abraham ran after a guy as if he had stolen his annual protein supplements. And screamed like his trainer was making him bench-press upwards of 250 lbs. MMZ is also behind sex-comedies like Kya Super Kool Hai Hum 3, Mastizaade and Hate Story 4 (where the humour is largely unintentional in the midst of all the sex). He’s made a new film called Marjaavaan.

Starring Sidharth STILL-CANNOT-ACT Malhotra and Riteish NOT-JUST-A-COMEDY-ACTOR Deshmukh. There’s also Tara LOL-WHERE-AM-I Sutaria, and keeping with MMZ’s women in film, she’s just a plot-device.

Having dropped yesterday, the trailer has some atrocious dialogue reminiscent of Kanti Shah’s Gunda. Remember that cult film from the 90s? Where each character enters the screen only after a colourful self-introduction?

Even in Marjaavaan – Malhotra, Deshmukh & Sutaria’s characters seem to be in a parallel universe, that is sincerely trying (but colossally failing) at the single-screen routine. Everyone speaks in couplets and there’s a liberal (ab)use of Urdu.

To highlight this so-bad-it’s-good achievement, something few films are able to crack, we’re honouring 7 dialogues that have the potential to become 2019’s ‘our is our business, none of your business’.

If you still haven’t seen the trailer, and wish to see these above gems with the collective awkwardness of Sidharth Malhotra + Tara Sutaria + Riteish Deshmukh, then check it out below.