5 VFX Scenes From Jaani Dushman That Changed Hindi Cinema Forever

No other film will ever be able to replace the magic of Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahaani.

Armaan Kohli’s Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahaani, is the kind of movie that continues to seduce new fans with each passing day. There are many terrible Hindi movies, but the reason Jaani Dushman stands out is because of how wonderfully inept it is in all departments.

Not just bad acting, problematic dialogue, the film was also home to some of the most atrocious VFX outside Rudraksh. It blatantly copied action films like The Matrix and Terminator – assuming the audience was just born yesterday. Here are the 5 best scenes from the film, where the special effects brought with it a new dawn for Bollywood:

1. Running on the water scene

Chasing the character of Sonu Nigam (the worst!) in the film, Armaan Kohli’s character dazzled his audience by sprinting on water. It’s bad enough for us to see him ‘pretend sprint’ in the air over a green screen. Such an unfortunate scene.

2. The Suhaag Raat scene

Every bhoot-related film must have at least one suhaag raat scene. So that when the hero lifts the ghoonghat, it has to be a surprise. This film is no different, where Kohli takes the place of the bride on the wedding night, and scares the shit out of the groom.

3. Aa Jaa

Oh that song by Anand Raj Anand didn’t seem too bad for its time, in the early 2000s. But then the directors made it absolutely weird when they fill all of the visuals except the actors’ faces with green screen. Like how buffets are all-you-can-eat meals, this one looks like a all-the-VFX-you-can-stuff-in-a-frame.

4. Rotating sofa scene

It’s always interesting when a hunter plays with his prey, before striking the killer blow. But Armaan Kohli just took it to a whole new level as he used this opportunity to showcase his producer father’s immense wealth by showing Sonu Nigam revolving in a sofa, mid-air. It was an impressive stunt but also immensely hare-brained.

5. The ‘tear’ jerking climax

It’s foolish to expect subtlety from a Deol. So when Sunny Deol is going to take on an ichhadhari naag with some help from all the secular power of Raj Babbar – he’s obviously going tear his enemy apart. Literally. Why are you even surprised about this?

No other film will ever be able to replace the magic of Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahaani. No other film that would try and pass the likes of Suniel Shetty, Arshad Warsi and Aditya Panscholi as a college students. Maybe the cast is full of ichhadhari naags.