2017 in review: Bollywood movies that shouldn't have been made

Since 2017 is now coming to an end, let's take a look at 10 Bollywood flicks that shouldn't have been made in the first place:

We’re almost done with 2017, and sadly we haven’t seen a lot of films from Bollywood this year that could have helped us overlook the sub-standard level of cinema we were forced to endure.

While movies like Newton and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha were a refreshing brake from the mostly terrible cinema we were subjected to, they still under-delivered as far as our expectations from Bollywood are concerned. Since 2017 is now coming to an end, let’s take a look at 10 Bollywood flicks that shouldn’t have been made in the first place:


You know a film’s terrible when Salman Khan’s ludicrous action sequences from his previous films seem easier to digest than his portrayal of a ‘child-like’ man. Thanks to terrible screenplay, dialogues delivered with contrived innocence, and a story that required acting, Tubelight might just go down in history as the most embarrassing performance of Salman’s career.


Half Girlfriend

First of all, who thought privileged Arjun Kapoor was the right person to play a Bihari man with a thick accent? Second of all, after watching her previous performances, who in blazes still thought Shraddha Kapoor was the right person to… act?

There is a Bill Gates cameo. Scratch that, there is a man walking around with a jpeg of Bill Gates’ face superimposed on his face. He looks like he was created in MS Paint because all he did was blink and smile ( a total of 38 times). Go watch the scene again and try not to laugh. I double-dare you.


Munna Michael

No matter how much you may love his dancing, I think we can all agree to agree that Tiger Shroff’s acting skills are way below average. A young man who wants to become a dancer, a gangster who seeks to impress a girl by learning how to dance and a female lead who is caught in between. First of all, how is this even a legit script?

This forgettable 138-minute film has equally forgetful performances by Tiger and Nidhi Agerwal, with a woefully wasted Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi.

Golmaal Again

While this epitome of the leave-your-brains-at-home genre was a commercial success (probably because of the dearth of above-average movies), Golmaal Again was literally just every Golmaal movie chewed, swallowed and regurgitated back onto the viewers’ plates.

Honestly, it’s been 10 years since we’ve been seeing the same characters and same shenanigans. Try something new, Rohit Shetty?


A Gentleman

Nobody remembers this God awful movie, and there’s a reason why. The movie was basically just a montage of an expressionless Sidharth Malhotra, an annoyingly miscast Jacqueline Fernandez, noisy car chases, bomb explosions and flamboyant actions scenes.

Judwaa 2

There’s literally no scene in this film that could be called an improvement over the one we saw in the 90s. Varun Dhawan copies Salman Khan while acting, and Govinda while dancing. Only, he does it with none of the goofiness of Raja nor the charm (for lack of a better word) of Prem. You’re always aware that this is Varun Dhawan. An actor whose daddy is remaking a hit film just for his sake. Truly hope Taapsee Pannu’s paid all her dues with the paycheck for this one, because she totally cannot pull off such films. The less said about Jacqueline Fernandez, the better.

You’re guaranteed to lose a few IQ points by the time this movie ends.