10 expressions of Anushka Sharma that sum up the story of our lives

Well, these candid expressions of Anushka Sharma shows how we actually reacts to different situations in our lives. Check out these 10 photos

Anushka Sharma is a star. Not just a talented actress, but one strong and fearless woman when it comes to voicing her opinions. From talking about gender discrimination, pay disparity in the industry to the very ‘mediocre’ taste of the audience, Anushka hasn’t shied away from revealing her stand on the issues that matter.

Today, it’s the birthday of this badass woman and though we have already done our bit to tell the world how special she is, here’s something that will interest you more. So, we have compiled these 10 candid moments of Anushka Sharma which actually summarise the situations we go through in our lives daily. I mean stars are also humans and they also fall prey to the sudden circumstances failing to always be ‘prim and proper’. Moreover, Anushka is somebody who calls a spade a spade. One can make out what’s in her heart by looking at her face.

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Check these out to believe:

Anushka Sharma expression 1

Anushka Sharma expression 2

Anushka Sharma expression 3

Anushka Sharma expression 4

Anushka Sharma expression 5

Anushka Sharma expression 6

Anushka Sharma expression 7

Anushka Sharma expression 8

Anushka Sharma expression 9

Anushka Sharma expression 10

Once again, Happy birthday, Anushka!

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