Black Panther's purple carpet premiere is a whole lot of YAAAAS

Ryan Coogler's film not only signals a shift in the world order of superhero films but also how African-Americans are portrayed in Hollywood.

Guys. Did you see the Black Panther purple carpet premiere? Because it was a statement like no other.

Ryan Coogler’s film has had a curious energy about it ever since the standalone film got announced after the release of Captain America: Civil War. When Andy Serkis took centre-stage in that first teaser of Black Panther, the initial glimpse of Wakanda surprised everyone.

And then it all exploded once they unveiled the trailer which showed strong women characters kicking ass alongside the men with the remixed version of “This revolution will not be televised” playing in the background.

Black Panther was always going to be a game-changer, when it was announced. With #HollywoodSoWhite having been a problem for many decades, including the recent 2016 Oscars, this would be the first studio tentpole film with an all-black cast.

Helmed by Creed director, it would include most of the famous African-American actors including the likes of Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordon, Lupita Nyong’o, Janelle Monae, Angela Bassett and also Get Out’s Daniel Kaluyya. Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman will be the only white faces in it, and it feels so good to see the tide turn.

What’s fantastic is to see the film and the actors coming out and fully embracing their African roots, making the premiere a glorious affair. We’ve seen the same old British monarchy and the obscenely rich Americans for too long, while the African representation has been marginalised.

It’s beautiful to see the rich African culture on display, in all its glory. Even if it is in a make believe setting like Wakanda, it’s something we’ve waited very long to see. And the cast and crew of Black Panther celebrating it, not only makes me immensely happy but it also injects a fresh dose of adrenaline into the superhero genre, just like Thor: Ragnarok. The MCU will appreciate this surge in the flagging enthusiasm around the superhero genre, ahead of the Infinity War films.

Everyone looked spectacular and if the initial reactions to the film are to be believed, the film not only lives up to the promise of that brilliant trailer and still delivers more. Black Panther signifies a shift in world order, and it will hopefully lead the way in fresh stories emerging out of Africa, with a complete African-American cast which doesn’t necessarily have to be about a civil war or set in Harlem.

Ryan Coogler’s film will in all probability bring with it a new dawn for the superhero genre, and I will surely catch it at a theatre near me. Cos *this* revolution will be live!