Meet Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manoj Punjabi

Manoj is a Jaipur-based businessman

Manoj Punjabi aka Manu Punjabi is another contestant who may join the house of Bigg Boss 10. Manu works as a Jaipur-based businessman and shares his birthday with Salman Khan.

Manoj has mainly just the two interests, chicks, and cheddar! He gives himself a 10/10 on the sexy scale, attributing it to his good looks and his bank balance. He is of the opinion that girls are mainly after goodlooking, rich men who have some media value. Although he claims that he hates to show off, he shared photos of his Bigg Boss audition to his Facebook page.

Manoj is a self-proclaimed charmer and a flirt. He also loves to play cricket, party, watch cartoons and do mimicry. By the way, did I mention he is 34?

However, all his characteristics might just help him succeed in the show and he is hard to tackle and gets what he wants. “I’m Manoj ‘Jugaad’ Punjabi. Impossible is not a word in my dictionary. I can really push my limits inside the Bigg Boss house and I would drink the water of the entire swimming pool for a task if needed,” he says.

At 34, the not-so-famous actor claims he has no regrets in life and believes that one day he will be just as successful as Salman himself.

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I’ve got to hand it to him, he really does have a positive outlook towards life.