Bigg Boss 10: Thank God! The TRP-craving show is finally over

The greed for TRPs forced Bigg Boss 10 to adopt a wait-and-watch approach to the shameful incidents that took place inside the house. They did react, but it was too late

So, Manveer Gujjar won the tenth edition of Bigg Boss. My heartiest congratulations to him. Social media is abuzz with reactions like the win for common man blah..blah. After all, spending three months in a house without any access to outside world is no mean task.

By reading the headline of my piece, you would have realised what I am about to say. As an ardent television viewer, I have not been a stranger to reality shows which have been aired in the past two decades. And top of it, I have also watched the previous editions of Bigg Boss as well. But of late, I have kind of developed distaste for this ‘reality’ show. The debate over the reality factor of this show will continue till ages.

If the previous edition of the show witnessed spitting in the drinks and peeing in the bottle, the ongoing season has been the worst. The craving for TRPs had driven the makers of the show to allow a self-styled godman Swami Om to go on a peeing spree before he was thrown out. The action was taken only after he crossed all limits of misbehaviour on national television. He peed in a mug, kicked the toilet door and threw urine on Bani J and Rohan Mehra. Now, here let’s not only blame the godman for the muck inside the house. Priyanka Jagga’s derogatory comments about Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother were not pleasant to the ears at all. We wish remarks like these are not aired at all.

But what can be done, the greed for television ratings is such that you cannot help it. So, Swami Om baring all in front of the camera will bring in more viewers, I fear the makers or the channel would be thinking so. Aren’t we setting a bad example for the future generations who have to see such crude behaviour by housemates? Well, watching a particular show is a personal decision. But why waste so much money and resources on a show like Bigg Boss which has stooped to new low in a struggle for viewership?

So, what are we going to witness in the next season? Guessing it, leaves me scarred.

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