Bigg Boss 10: Not even Salman Khan can save the show, we need a fresh start with wild card entries

Wild card contestants are soon entering the house. And they are the only hope to save Bigg Boss 10. Even Salman Khan has tried enough now.

It has been around two months that Bigg Boss 10 has taken over our television sets. With an interesting concept of celebrities vs commoners, it was expected that Bigg Boss 10 will garner higher TRPs. But, now it looks like that they have lost the track as the show lacks that entertainment quotient which used to keep us glued to our screens. So there were basically two reasons for the popularity of the show:

1. It is a platform where viewers get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities. Also, it is always interesting to see how these celebrities react to different situations.

2. A lot of secrets and gossips about celebs are unravelled on the show. And we are always interested in knowing such unseen, unknown sides of them.

Bigg Boss 10 contestants COlors TV photo for

Bigg Boss 10 contestants (Courtesy: Colors TV)

With his Weekend Ka Vaar grilling sessions, host Salman Khan tries to spice-up the show. He shows the mirror to the contestants. In fact, in this season, he has been constantly giving a reality check to the housemates as to how their contribution in entertaining the audience is all zero. Gaurav Chopra, Bani Judge, Rahul Dev and Rohan Mehra — Salman has taken names to ensure that they pull up their socks before it’s too late.

The celeb contestants in the house — Rahul Dev, VJ Bani, Gaurav Chopra, Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra (Karan Mehra is out for good), are not doing enough to gain viewers’ attention. While celebrities seem to be dull in the house, commoners are seen more interested in the game. But due to their back to back evictions, it looks like that their entire team is now disappointed.

Jason Shah, Bigg Boss

Jason Shah as one of the wild card entries in Bigg Boss 10
(Courtesy: Instagram|Jason Shah)

Soon, the wild card entries will enter the house. And we really hope that these new housemates bring some dhamaka inside. As per the buzz, the four names which are likely to enter Bigg Boss 10 are Priyanka Jagga, Aparna Tilak, Jason Shah and Arjit. It’ll be interesting to see how they wake up the house. Otherwise, it will tough even for Salman Khan to save the show.