Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa's boyfriend fears she would turn into Veena Malik due to Manu Punjabi

Though many times Monalisa clarified on the show that Manu Punjabi is just a good friend, the controversy just doesn't seem to be dying.

The season 10 of Bigg Boss has something unique this time, which is the unusual combination of celebrities and Indiawale. And just like every year, we are eagerly waiting to see some love blooming in the house. And this season, the chemistry between Monalisa and Manu Punjabi has raised some eyebrows. From week 1 itself, the two started getting along very well. In fact, Mona even had to listen to her team-mates as she started getting more comfortable with Manu and the rest of the commoners in the game.

However, seems like this building closeness is a concern for Monalisa’s fiance — Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. Talking to a daily about the same, Vikrant recently mentioned that he is not happy with how Mona is playing inside the house. He also asserted that everything happening inside the house is drama. He said:

We were supposed to get married, but now, I am confused. I know that this is all drama. Once she is out (of the house), things will get sorted. It’s not easy for me or my family to watch this. I told her Veena Malik jaisa kuch nahin karna because the public is smart and cannot be fooled.

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Monalisa, Manu Punjabi
(Courtesy: Instagram| biggbossofficials)

While both Manu and Mona gel well in the house, it’s quite evident that the two do not share any relationship beyond friemdship (as per now). However, since it’s the crazy Bigg Boss house we’re talking about, one just can’t be certain with the things happening inside. If rumours are to be believed then Manu Punjabi is also engaged to someone outside the house and the growing friendship with Mona could possibly be a strategy to survive in the show and to gain public attention.

Well, lets hope that Mona’s fiance also takes it in a sporting way!

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— quote from Mid-Day