Bigg Boss 10: As if Swami Om was not enough, we have 'firangi' Jason Shah as another sexist/racist contestant

Jason Shah says that Monalisa is trying to hit on him. Might be. But he says that she's interested in him because he's a firangi. There lies a problem.

I am actually very sad to know about this latest development in Bigg Boss 10. As per the report in a daily, the new entrant in the Bigg Boss house – Jason Shah, was seen talking about Monalisa on the show. In his conversation with a fellow housemate, he was seen mentioning how Monalisa is trying to hit on him.

The Bhojpuri actress seems to be the hot favourite these days. Monalisa has become the sour end of most to conversations happening in the house. However, this particular conversation that Jason had with a contestant has something blatantly sexist and racist about it. Jason, as per the report, went on to say that Monalisa is a Bhojpuri actress and she must not have had chances to date a firangi guy and therefore, she must be thinking of him as a good option.

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Jason Shah Elena Kazan in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for InUth dot com

Jason Shah and Elena Kazan in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

Whether Monalisa is or is not trying her luck with Jason, is a different argument. But a guy’s stark opinion about a girl who ‘he thinks’ is trying to hit on him because he’s a ‘firangi’ is a problem. Jason is a hot man (there’s no offense in calling a hot man a hot man, right?). But, by saying what he has said about Monalisa, he has proved that not everything that shines is gold. First, he has assumed or presumed rather that only because Monalisa is trying to be friendly with him, she’s interested in establishing a relationship. How did he come to know that the woman is interested in him? Did she say anything? Did she say that she has any inclination towards him and something like ‘pehli nazar ka pyar ho gaya hai’? More arguably, Jason has used his ‘firang-ness’ (or however you put it) as something which is of an elite class. As if being a foreigner makes him more intelligent, strong and more appealing to women around. Well, if this is the case, I hope he sets his marks right in terms of his knowledge about women.

Jason doesn’t know Monalisa. He doesn’t know what kind of a man does a woman like Monalisa wants in her life or would like to ‘hit’ upon. But here he is, building stereotypes around women because for him, most Indian women are attracted towards him because he’s not Indian.

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Jason Shah, Bigg Boss

Jason Shah with his girlfriend
(Courtesy: Instagram|Jason Shah)

That’s a shame. I recently heard somebody saying in a Shah Rukh Khan film that only 2% of the entire male population on earth is good looking. If he is one among those 2% of men on earth, why does he have to ruin all his goodwill by bringing in such shit thinking about women on the display? Most women prefer intelligent men over good looking men. And most of the intelligent women prefer men who have a sense of respect for women over any other existing kind of men around. I fear what are the thoughts of Jason’s girlfriend on this? Oh! and yeah did she fall for him because he’s a firangi or the one with white skin?

You’ve lost a voter here, sir Jason!

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—  the report was published in DNA