Ayesha Takia tells how she feels about sexist remarks of father-in-law Abu Azmi

Ayesha Takia has broken her silence on the regressive and sexist remarks of Abu Azmi, the Samajwadi leader, against women

Abu Azmi, the Samajwadi leader, is known for his sexist remarks and regressive statements. While he is slammed for saying things against women a lot of times, his daughter-in-law actress Ayesha Takia usually doesn’t say anything on it. However, Ayesha has now broken her silence on what she feels about it and said there is a difference of opinion. When leading tabloid asked Ayesha Takia about her opinion on her father-in-law’s remark, she said, “When people are in the public eye, they are questioned for their choice of words. A difference in mindset and generation gap is the issue. There is a difference of opinion [between me and my father-in-law], which is fine. As a celebrity, I take it in my stride that I am expected to harbour an opinion even on something I didn’t say.”

Ayesha further added, “We communicate with each other at home and try to resolve matters. I guess this is something that happens in all homes. We have a lot of love and admiration [for each other], I don’t think I need to share my opinion all the time. I have moved past that phase because as a family, we have made peace with the fact that we cannot agree with each other on everything.”

On the eve of New Years’, girls were allegedly molested in Bangalore. While the entire nation raised voice against this, Abu Azmi put the blame on girls. Abu Azmi had said, “If a girl celebrates after dark she should go with her husband, father and not with strangers. There should be strict action against those going against our culture.”

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Now that Ayesha Takia has explained her views on the matter, we wonder what Abu Azmi would say on this matter.

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