Arbaaz Khan Trends After IPL Betting Charge, Twitterati Find It Too Much To Handle

Twitter can't handle that Arbaaz Khan is getting so much attention

Arbaaz Khan started trending on Twitter for probably the first time in his life on Saturday, after news of his alleged involvement in IPL bets broke out. As per reports, the actor had placed bets for about Rs 2.80 crore through a bookie named Sonu Jalan, who has been in judicial custody since 2012.

Khan was called in for questioning by Thane police on Friday, and the actor-producer admitted that he had been placing bets for the last six years. Khan, along with a few other high-profile betters were named by Jalan during interrogation. Police said they have photographic and electronic evidence of Arbaaz and Jalan being in touch.

The actor-producer admitted that he had been placing bets in IPL for the last six years. Credit: The Indian Express

Twitter has been quick to observe that Arbaaz, who is more famous for being Salman Khan’s brother, is suddenly making news for something he himself has done.

Here are a few reactions: