Anushka Sharma Takes A Leading Daily To Cleaners For Fabricating An Interview She Never Gave Them

One of the most popular dailies in West Bengal, the readers believed Anushka Sharma's interview to be true

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma slammed a leading Bengali daily for publishing an interview, she never gave them. In an angry tweet today, Anushka wrote: “It is SHOCKING to see a completely fabricated interview of mine in a reputed publication like @Ei_Samay. This is to clarify that I have NEVER done an interview on my personal life with them or with anyone else. Just shows how carelessly your personal freedom is looked at by them.”

The headline reads like an excerpt taken out from her ‘interview’: “Some things just happen randomly, this picture was one of those” with the famous picture of Virat Kohli embracing Anushka.

One of the most popular dailies in West Bengal, Ei Samay’s readers believed the interview to be true. But Anushka’s tweet, angry readers called for ‘a ban on the newspaper’:

This is not the first time media has gone beyond all decency of respecting celebrities’ personal space. Only two weeks back, Sridevi’s sudden death turned into a media spectacle with news channels ‘investigating’ and ‘inventing’ their own conspiracy theories.