Akuri & A Pinch Of Hope: A Feel Good Short Film That'll Leave You With A Lingering Smile

Two men stumble upon each other at an Irani Cafe and what happens next will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

How many times have you seen movies or videos about a man who is this close to giving up, but then an ‘angel’ appears and saves him from the darkness? AKURI & A Pinch Of Hope, a short film by KARA Studios is yet another (not so) rehashed version of the same old tale: You’ve got a lot to live for, don’t throw your life away.

Sadiq Sheikh and Cyrus Irani are two people who are poles apart in their characteristics. They randomly stumble upon each other at a cafe and what transpires between them changes Sadiq’s life forever. You guessed it, Cyrus Irani unknowingly teaches Sadiq a lesson. The main component used to teach him this lesson is Akuri – a spicy scrambled egg dish eaten in Parsi cuisine of India.

The film begins with some beautiful shots of the real Mumbai. The kind of frames that remind you of sunny days when you’d sit in your college canteen, and sip lemonade. The conversation between the protagonists is set in a quaint little Parsi cafe, and the sprinkle of Farsi is particularly heartwarming. Cyrus sits next to Sadiq and goes on to compare the journey of life to the complex flavors of his favorite dish- Akuri. He makes some heart-warming points as he beautifully compares life to the varied yet coherent ingredients used in the preparation of Akuri, and this changes Sadiq’s decision of ending it all. His words make Sadiq realize how hope is always an arm’s length away.

Watch the short film right here:

These 20 minutes might not change your life or alter the way you think drastically, but it’ll leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and serve as a reminder to love yourself, even when times are tough.

Now, who’s in the mood for some delicious scrambled eggs?