Aamir Khan: If society determines and gets united, 100% water will be saved

Aamir Khan, who set up the Panni Foundation, announced the second edition on Sunday

The 1st edition of Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate has inspired many with their initiative. Now he is coming up with the second edition of Satyamev Jayate Water Cup with an aim to extend the watershed management programme to 30 tehsils in Maharashtra.

Aamir Khan who set up the Panni Foundation announced the second edition on Sunday. Satyamev Jayate Water Cup had been implemented in three tehsils,in its first edition. The competition period of the first edition of the Cup was between April 20 and June 5, 2016. It (The Cup) is a competition between different villages to see who can do the maximum work for watershed management and water conservation in the period of the competition.

According to the foundation, 116 villages took part in the competition to make their villages water-sufficient and total water storage created by the competing villages was 13,68,000 liters of water.

Aamir was in Pune along with the organisation’s CEO Satyajit Bhatkal to present the entire plan for the second edition of the Cup.

He says,“The first edition of water cup was a pilot project and with its success, we now want to extend the watershed management program to 30 more talukas in Maharashtra to make the villages water-sufficient with people’s participation.”


Aamir Khan, Devendra Fadnanvis: (Courtesy: Youtube)

The PK actor also interacted with 700 volunteers of ‘Bhartiya Jain Sanghtana’ (BJS), a city-based organisation. BJS has decided to join the water conservative initiative of Paani Foundation.

Aamir adds, “Since, we are scaling up our battle against drought in the second edition with an aim to take the initiative to 30 tehsils, it will be a challenge for us as we will have to increase our expertise. We will have to scale up on our training facilities so that the quality of knowledge remains the same.”

According to the actor,if society determines and gets united, 100% water will be saved.

He also spoke with children of farmers, who have committed suicide over last few years, studying at BJS’ educational rehabilitation center in Pune.

Aamir will next be seen in Dangal which is slated to release on 23 December.