A Scene From 'Incredibles 2' Is Reportedly Triggering Those Suffering From Epilepsy

It wasn't just those affected, that were tweeting. Some members confirmed epileptic seizures in their screenings of Incredibles 2.

Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2, the much-awaited sequel to the 2004-film The Incredibles, has finally made its way to the big screen. Unfortunately, the new Pixar film is being held responsible for triggering some epileptic members of the audience, who took to Twitter to warn others potential cases.

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The film has several scenes with strobing lights, which is reportedly integral to the main plot. These lights reportedly have made quite a few audience members (suspect to epileptic fits) uncomfortable. And while certain cinemas have put out warnings, the producers Disney-Pixar have not put out a warning in the film.

And it wasn’t just those were affected by it, that were tweeting. Some members of the audience reported seizures during their screening of Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 will see Kajol make her debut in an animated feature film, where she will be the voice of Elastigirl for the film’s Hindi dubbed version. Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan made his debut with the original 2004 film.

The film still hasn’t released in India as of now, but is slated for June 22. Please be warned if you’re sensitive to lights, or if you’re taking kids along who might be sensitive to strobing lights – the scenes could cause epileptic seizures.