7 times Emraan Hashmi proved he's sassy AF

Emraan Hashmi is an actor who isn’t afraid of saying it like it is. He wasn’t afraid of accepting that he is a product of nepotism, he isn’t afraid of accepting his failures and is fearlessly vocal about what he feels is right.

Although the recent years might not have been that great for him when it comes to Bollywood, owing to his disappointing box office performances, Emraan is still a source of inspiration for confidence and of course, truck loads of sass.

On his birthday, we’re listing down 7 times Emraan Hashmi proved sass is his second language:

1. When Karan asked Emraan if he knew of Karan’s oh-so-famous show, he proved that he is not a people pleaser

2. When he let Karan Johar know his family is progressive, and he can stop it with the low-key moral policing

3. When Karan asked him about his dysfunctional family, Emraan let Karan know that he has his priorities sorted!

4. When Mr Steal-yo-wife proved he doesn’t give two hoots about being politically correct.

5. No seriously, Emraan does not give a dayyuummm:

6. When he wasn’t scared of admitting that his uncle is a bit of a bully on (and off) the sets!

7. When he gave Katrina Kaif the best piece of advice ever

You do you, Emraan!