5 famous OTT scenes that only Kareena Kapoor could have pulled off

Kareena, sivaye tumhare, kisi aur ko koi haq nahi banta ki wo itni overacting kare

It is Kareena Kapoor Khan’s birthday today (yayy!). Beginning to write something special about Kareena is really a daunting task because there is nothing which hasn’t been already discussed. From her versatility to the perfect Bollywood heroine she is, and now after the birth of son Taimur Ali Khan, everything about Kareena is done to death. Except for probably one thing- her overacting. No, before you jump to any kind of conclusion, this story of mine doesn’t intend to slam the actress’s acting skills. After all, she has given us the most memorable performances in movies like Chameli, Omkara, and 3 Idiots. 

The motive of this piece is to celebrate the brilliance of Kareena. The point is that only she can overact and get away with it. Not only get away, Kareena prompts seeti-maar reactions from viewers. Her energy and exuberance are unparalleled. Despite having more misses than hits, strangely though, Kareena has a long list of directors who wish to work with her. From being a perfect tragic queen to the ultimate seductress, Kareena plays all the characters with extreme conviction.

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These clips confirm that there are some roles only she can pull off. In fact, a few of these scenes are laden with overacting, but then no one else could have done this other than Kareena. This:

Now, have a look at these:

Jab We Met: 

Everything about this 2007 Imtiaz Ali directorial was amazing from the story, music to the characters of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. As the Sikhni of Bhatinda, Geet impressed everyone with her loud acting and I-don’t-care-about-the-future attitude. One particular scene from the movie in which she abused her ex, Anshuman over the phone is my favourite. Beginning from hesitatingly saying Hello Anshuman to rising to ‘suar ki aulad’, Kareena showed her mercurial quite quickly with tons of overacting. And yet it is still etched in the minds of cine buffs

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham:

In this movie, Poo (Kareena) was all about self-love. Picking the best scene in which Kareena showed ‘main apni favourite hoon’ is next to impossible. But I have even done that and zeroed down the most amazing Poo scene from the movie. The one where Poo gets ready. The entire process of applying makeup and dressing up proves Poo was no less than a diva. The cherry on the cake was her statement- “Tumhe koi haq nai hai ki tum itni khoobsoorat lago” (you have no right to look this gorgeous).

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Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon:

Basically, Kareena’s character, Sanjana in this 2003 release was an extension of Poo. Sanjana, too, was full of love for herself. This movie had all the actors overacting- Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan and even a senior actor like Panjak Kapur behaved in a manner nobody expected him. In this race of bad acting also, Kareena won with her terrible expressions. In case you haven’t watched the scene in which Kareena is introduced to Hrithik, you are missing out on a lot. And please watch it at your own risk because the expressions might scar you for life.

Kambakkht Ishq:

This film was blah! Yeah, that is it and nothing more. Kareena played a surgeon who dressed like a model (God knows why!), and most of the times fought with Akshay Kumar in this 2009 release. The climax scene of the movie in which she tells Akshay Kumar how much she loves him has so much overacting you’d want to watch the movie (if you haven’t already) and immediately forget what you watched. I wonder if Kareena herself ever looks back at these movies and judges her work (just a thought!)

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Kareena was cut out to play the lead in this 2012 movie that chronicled the rise and fall of a Bollywood actress. The movie’s story and Kareena’s portrayal of an actress who is torn between loving a star and regaining her place in the industry got mixed reviews. The trailer of the movie above will confirm why only Kareena would have done justice to the film.

Everything aside, Kareena is someone whom I completely adore. I love you, Kareena!