13 Of The Funniest 'Gully Boy' Memes That Got Us Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Here's a quick round up of the funniest memes to come out of the lit Gully Boy trailer starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt.

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, two of the brightest star-performers working in Bollywood right now, have won over the internet with the Gully Boy trailer. The Zoya Akhtar written and directed film, loosely based on rappers Divine and Naezy, looks dope AF if the trailer is anything to go by. And, the netizens of our land approve. How do we know? Because every dialogue is being turned into memes like crazy. Some have even locked Valentine’s Day for Gully Boy’s first day shows, whether their baes accompany them to the screening or not.

So, we decided to do a quick round up of the funniest memes to come out of the lit Gully Boy trailer. Laugh along!

This brutal take-down of TikTok users

This one slamming every Honey Singh and Badshah music video ever

The one line that can burst the bubble of every wannabe entrepreneur in a jiffy

This sad truth about the life of every start-up founder

Gully Boy meets Game Of Thrones crossover meme

And also, Gully Boy meets Andhadhun crossover meme 


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The very relatable meme for every WebMD addict

The meme you cannot share on your timeline because your manager is on your friend list

This classic Drake meme that shuts down the 8 Mile versus Gully Boy comparisons

The one every PUBG player can relate to

Even the Twitter pages of Mumbai and Nagpur police rode on the Gully Boy meme craze bandwagon

And finally, the one crapping on all our New Year’s resolutions to drink less and lead a healthier life