This image of Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh is going crazy viral. Here's what people think about it

Akhilesh, Rahul and crew ducked like they were ducking flying dinosaurs and security even put their lathis up, because you know, just in case.

Soon after the whole Samajwadi pari-war died out, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi announced their alliance and had the nation’s attention all over again. Now, the two have been rallying around Uttar Pradesh and a particularly hilarious photo of them ducking electric wires has fired up public creativity. You see, nobody beats Indians at being creative and to top that it’s trolls’ favourite child Rahul Gandhi. Quite a bit of bromance the duo are gifting Indian politics.

The photo shows both Akhilesh and Rahul in the best of their expressive selves and a few men behind them are trying to keep the wires up with all their might and armour. Now, with those facial expressions could the two have been looking for all the development in UP? Or, do you think they were up in self defence just in case someone from the crowd threw a shoe or two at them? Here’s what Twitter thinks.

Then there were these guys who took it a step ahead and pulled Ramesh and Suresh of Five-star fame into the whole laugh riot.

Irrespective of who wins and who loses, UP seems like a very promising candidate for trolls, laughter and Twitterati field days now.