Losing hope already? Learn from Fakkad Baba from UP who is set to contest elections for the 16th time!

He predicts he will win only when he contests for the 20th time and wants to rid UP of money-minded politics.

Try, try until you succeed is something we have all grown up listening to. Usually though, most of us would give up on most things after a few attempts. Fakkad Baba from UP however has taken this teaching too seriously and what better way to prove it than him contesting elections for the 16th time.

Yes, you heard that right. He is contesting elections for the 16th time and has consistently lost the past 15 times. The 73-year old began contesting elections for both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha from 1976, and has predicted that he will win when he contests for the 20th time. What this basically means is that not only has he tried so far, but that he will continue to try even in future. Till the time he succeeds.

Reason behind such ardent efforts? He wants to change the face of UP elections. Fakkad Baba believes all politicians are liar and only ascetics like him can clean politics. In his own words, he believes in ‘samarpit rajneeti’ and not ‘jhoothi rajneeti’.

If in case you still have second thoughts about voting for Baba, he promises to not forget promises made to his voters once he wins the elections. Now, while we all know this is also a promise that candidates often forget, Fakkad Baba is any case up for three more defeats so we doubt if he even cares what you think of his promises.

Among all the elections that take place in India, Uttar Pradesh elections have always had a penchant for becoming the centre of attention. Fakkad Baba is perhaps only an addition to the multi-faceted state’s interesting elections. Talk about doing your thing without a care in the world!