From Rajnath's son to Azam's son, these 5 young leaders will play a key role in UP elections

With the buzz of elections in Uttar Pradesh, many names have come to the fore

One of the loudest cries often heard across the country is that the youth should play a more prominent role in politics and public administration. There is a constant urge among the general public of the country for increased participation of youth leaders in politics. The politics of the country, today, requires the influx of more young legs in the political bastion of old horses in order to carry it forward.

The number of youngsters entering mainstream politics is on a rise for the past several years with many of them fighting it hard to make a mark on the national front. With the buzz of elections, more names have come to the fore.

Here is a list of 5 young leaders to look out for in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls:

Pankaj Singh

Born on December 12, 1978, Singh is the elder son of Union Home minister and veteran BJP leader Rajnath Singh. Pankaj has been involved in active politics since 2002. A famous name, especially among youth, in Uttar Pradesh, Pankaj has been given a ticket on BJP’s seat for contesting the upcoming assembly elections from Noida.

Though he wanted to contest Lok Sabha elections in 2014 too, he was not fielded by the BJP then.

Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh, daughter of five-time MLA Akhilesh Singh, has been given Congress’ ticket from Rae Bareli. Aditi’s father and sitting MLA from Rae Bareilly Sadar, Akhilesh was with Congress earlier too before joining Peace Party, which he left. It is being said that Priyanka Gandhi had been in talks with Aditi and finally convinced her to join Congress.

Aditi studied in the USA and joined politics after her return.

Abdullah Khan

SP political circles were always abuzz about the 27-year-old son of UP minister Azam Khan. Abdullah Khan is set to make his political debut from Swar Tanda seat in Rampur district. Azam Khan is an MLA from Rampur constituency.

Afzal Siddiqui

Son of Mayawati’s trusted lieutenant Naseemuddin, Afzal has been tasked with establishing a connect with Muslim youth in six districts of West Uttar Pradesh.

Aparna Yadav

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s daughter-in-law and Prateek Yadav’s wife will make her political debut in the upcoming elections. She will fight the assembly elections from the Lucknow Cantonment seat. She believes that youth will be a decisive factor and that the Akhilesh Yadav government has done a lot for them.