ABVP, NSUI create unrest in varsities, must be banned completely, says Allahabad University Vice President

Adeel Hamza claims that there should be a complete ban on the ABVP, NSUI and others which are directly affiliated to political parties.

Young and bright Adeel Hamza made history in 2016 when he was elected as the first Muslim Vice President of the Allahabad University. A strong believer in student politics, Hamza claims that there should be a complete ban on student organisations like the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP), National Student’ Union of India (NSUI) and others which are directly affiliated to political parties.

Contemplating on the present situation of student politics, the 23-year-old said: “The present situation of student politics is very bad. These days the student politics is being done via ‘sangathans’ like ABVP, NSUI, Samajwadi Chhatra Sangh. What I think is that the politics at the university level shouldn’t be backed by political parties. Party affiliation shouldn’t be there at the university levels. ABVP, NSUI and others should be banned as political parties start taking advantage of these organisations to create an atmosphere of tension in the universities.”

Speaking to InUth, Hamza said that though no Muslim had ever bagged any of the top posts at the Allahabad University, he got the support from people from all communities. I gained a lot of support during these years.

“I contested the election to spread the message of peace and harmony among all communities. During my campaigning, my Hindu brothers were always with me. They used to put Tilaks and ‘bhagwa’ mufflers and to campaign for me urging people to vote for me,” he said.

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He also urged youngsters to come forward and engage in politics to bring about a change in the society. “Society should support the student leaders for bringing the youngsters into the mainstream politics. People usually have a perception that old leaders can only win elections, but they should also support the young leaders, then only change will come. A collaboration of young and new can change things for good,” he asserted.